A (long) week in review

For some time now my work schedule has become increasingly demanding, to the point where I’m left with very limited free time to explore entertaining hobbies such as keeping up with this blog of mine. The transition in workload started sometime in early April, and it’s only grown to become more exhausting and tiresome. Coming home later and reporting to work earlier has affected my time to work out, unwind with a good book, and even whip up daily meals. Heading to a work trip for Chicago a few weeks ago afforded me with some free time on the airplane to catch up on my magazine reading. As if on cue, I came across a feature story that explored how these days, as more women have entered the workforce, we’ve become more accessible to our co-employees and bosses by constantly tuning in to emails and our phones. Toss out the 8-hour workday and say hello to the 24-hour workday, this was the message, and I gotta tell ya, it was depressing. As much as I enjoy having responsibilities and being able to problem-solve in my field of training, I’ve never wanted work to take over my life and realistically, my energy. While I do celebrate the benefits of this new modern workday by working a few hours from home every once in a while, the need to be “on” can become detrimental to my state of being. I find myself in a flurry if I don’t respond emails within the hour that they’re sent for fear that some other responsibility/email/unscheduled urgency will whisk me away, all the more likely to forget or postpone responding. 

All of that to explain why I’ve been so slow to post and respond to others 🙂 And while activity has been slow, I’ve still been documenting the OOTDs because hey, it’s always helpful to keep track and ensure I don’t end up wearing the same thing on a consecutive day due to lack of sleep or a fragile short-term memory.

Monday – Last weekend I came to the conclusion that I own way too many skirts and need to make sure they all come out to play before the summer is gone. That, and to remind myself not to buy any more!

   anthropologie blouse/f21 skirt/kohl’s flats

Tuesday- Following the skirt theme, I went for my high school colors, orange and green. This skirt has been so versatile and I’m glad I was able to snag it on sale.

f21 top/anthro skirt/seychelles sandals
Wednesday – Trusty J Crew comes to the rescue again with it’s great-quality pencil skirt. I’ve come across other pencil skirts in this neutral hue, but I don’t mind that I paid a bit more for this one just due to it’s double-serge cotton.

  banana republic top/j crew double-serge cotton skirt/j crew flats
Thursday – By this point in the week I was ready to call it and spend the last two days home, but instead I specifically chose a bright color to keep myself alert. Plus, the top is a favorite of mine and reminds me of my time in Italy last year.

zara top/j crew skirt/steve madden sandals
Friday – the last day of the week and I am happy to celebrate with wedged sandals and hearts. I attempted to bring out the pink of the skirt and kept the top a solid color.

 anthro top/j crew skirt/target wedges
So, what say ye friends? Have you noticed a shift in the demands and expectations of a working day, whether you’re in an office setting, working from home, or are a SAHM keeping it all together?


9 thoughts on “A (long) week in review

  1. Super pretty in each and every skirt! And wow on that lace F21 number – what a fantastic find! I hope you were able to "unplug" from work this weekend and feel refreshed for the week ahead. I feel the demands of a SAHM have definitely shifted over the years, we are supposed to spend more quality/engaged time with our children, but as a result it's harder to manage the cleaning/laundry/cooking/relationship with dh and not feel guilty when we aren't able to give all our attention to the kids. I feel like it's ALL about the kids ALL the time, and whoa boy, are they demanding!

  2. Just found your blog. Nice skirts. I can definitely agree that work is 24/7. Even if you aren't actively checking emails, you're thinking about it, anticipating what will happen when the next work day starts, and planning for planned and "unplanned" work (if that makes sense!) See you soon!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Love all of the outfits, ecspecially Mondays! I can definitely relate. With my job, it seems to go in cycles. I will have periods (a few weeks or a month or so) that are very busy, sometimes with travel. I just had a period like that earlier this year – I told my friends that it felt like work was taking over my whole life (how depressing). I do not like feeling that way, and would not be able to do that long-term. Luckily, things shift back the other way too. I hope you find a good balance soon. Hang in there!

  4. Hi Kristin! It's good that the intensity of your work schedule waxes and wanes, and gives you the opportunity to catch up with yourself after a busy season. You're right- I definitely don't want work taking over and pulling me away from activities that make me a more well-rounded person.

  5. Hi Sue, welcome!You brought up such a good point. This weekend I made it a point not to "do" any work, but I definitely thought about what lay ahead for upcoming week and the work that goes along with it. Never ending!

  6. Hehehehe, Jan I always enjoy when you share your perspective so thanks for chiming in! I thinking about this topic as well, when the time comes that we'll start a family. I wonder how the workload will shift, what new things will be expected of me, how to manage kid/hubs/home/myself/friends simultaneously……… I'll keep looking to you for answers 🙂

  7. luckily, i have had bosses who have advised the groups/departments/teams i have been part of that it is OK to not answer an email within 5 minutes of it being sent, and to not feel like you have to check your inbox all the time at night/on the weekend. i've been told to push back on those who expect instant responses, because 9 times out of 10 it is not a critical situation. but, i guess it depends on the profession.

  8. I adore the f21 lace skirt! You look terrific! I'm searching for balance. When I was working outside of the home I felt it easier to come home and unwind even if I was exhausted! Now that I'm doing my own thing from home it's hard to unplug. It's easy to get caught up researching something or writing a proposal while watching tv at night. I'm trying to set up more of a schedule for me as well as for my family because my children seem to think that any time I'm home, I'm free to be their cabdriver/cook/maid.

  9. Both times I have seen you wear that heart throb skirt I have a seriously jealousy pangs. So lovely. I love all of your skirts…You wear them all so well. True to being a color-whore, my favorite combo is the Orange and green. I read something interesting in Women's Health this month about a new emotional syndrome they've labled FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out….people who have it can't put the phone down. Have to respond to email, have to have facebook statuses emailed to them, have to answer statuses so people still know they're funny, etc. It was eye opening and sad. It made me want to go and miss out on everything possible!!

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