This little bit goes out to my bestie who I’ve known for far too long. She’s been devotedly tuning in to this little blog of mine since its inception and every once in a while will send me texts/emails reminding me to update my posts πŸ™‚ I had the pleasure of seeing her last month for her baby shower (it had been far too long), and was in owe of how beautiful and natural she looks with her curvaceous belly that serves as a temporary home for a very lucky little boy whose arrival many are anticipating. I’ve had such mixed emotions as I ask bug her to explain all things pregnancy-related, and it gets me thinking about how young I still feel we are. When did we get to this place where now we guide/nurture/encourage/unconditionally love a little boy or a little girl. She amazes me with her drive to stay positive and how she continues working hard. Recently she was advised to stay on bed rest and reduce all activity to a minimum. Right away I worried – concerned about a change to the status quo, unsure of how this would affect her state of mind, hoping this wouldn’t imply something unanticipated. But I know she and little one will be fine, adjusting to a resting state that includes movies, magazines, and a little blog browsing πŸ˜‰

anthro curated tee/f21 skirt/bcbg sandals

4 thoughts on “Shoutout

  1. Dea, what a cute outfit! I hope your friend has a healthy and happy rest-of-her-pregnancy. Tell her to enjoy the down-time. After the baby gets here, it's all over. πŸ˜‰

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