Adding to the collection

If there is one thing my wardrobe is not in short supply of, it’s V-neck cotton tees in solid colors.  This wasn’t always the case, but enter J Crew’s infinite wisdom of color and before you (and I) know it, I’ve created a collection of sorts. They’re casual enough and don’t provide the most “WOW” factor, but they get the job done and do it so with such ease and comfort. Let’s see, there’s modern red, brick, black, white, spearmint, dahlia, burned henna….  And while the collection is mainly made up up J Crew’s vintage cotton, I ended up finding this tee at GAP for a fraction of the cost I usually shell out. The color is a cheerful teal and the small pocket provides a unique detail to an otherwise staple piece.

     gap v-neck pocket tee/jcrew gondola print skirt/on sandals

5 thoughts on “Adding to the collection

  1. I knew you'd get the gondola skirt! It had your name written all over it! And of course, you look so smashing in everything you put on! How do you do that? I'm in love with t-shirts as well! =)

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