Before I started blogging I didn’t really pay attention to what types of colors, patterns, or styles I was drawn to. Well, styles maybe, like boho, classic, preppy, sporty, grunge, and so on, but I wasn’t quite vested enough in identifying what specific prints and graphics induce a collection habit. Polka dots have (somewhat) mysteriously been spotted among my dresses and tops, and it’s been one pattern I’ve been apparently paying much attention to as of late!
anthropologie take action dress/atl ring/anthropologie anticipation heels
anthropologie dropped dots dress/target flats & bracelet

10 thoughts on “Spotted

  1. I noticed trends in my closet, too. Like the polka dot! I was going through my sock drawer and LOL when I noticed I had an abundance of $1 socks from Target that were polka dotted, too. I can't get enough, either!

  2. ha- polka dots are eternal! I just love the little waist buttons on the take action dress. so cute!!(hey, don't recall if I emailed you, but I got the gorgeous mid-century skirt in the mail- so glad the warm weather means I can wear it soon!!)

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