Being that it’s mid-May, this Florida gal would have thought that by now pants and cardigans would be forgotten, but it seems like the weather round these parts has different plans. However, being the rebel that I am, I’ve begun my hunt for bathing suits along with trepidations of not being bikini-ready. Does anyone else deal with these mixed emotions, the ones where you’re ready for the warm weather, more than willing to shed the extra layers, yet uncertainty settles once the thought of skin exposure and lack-of-layers-to-hide-trouble-zones kicks in. I recently ordered a couple of pieces from Target (great finds under $20, check it out!) and it was time to face the music folks. Let’s just say that I need to squeeze in (no pun intended) some time tomorrow morning for abdominal rejuvenation 🙂
tj maxx doily top/f21 cardi & jeans/kohl’s lauren conrad flats/jcrew bracelets

3 thoughts on “(un)layering

  1. Oh Dea, I LOVE THIS – the soft pink jeans and feminine top – so, so pretty! You look beautiful! I don't even believe you have a trouble area to be worried about! I just bought the Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack DVD a few days ago, and so far my Harrison and Sawyer are doing great with the workout, lol, I REALLY need to put the baby down long enough to get this in. I haven't exercised in forever, but I really need to firm up my middle – 4 kids have not been kind to this region! I *might* do a high waisted bikini if it works!

  2. You look simply ethereal in this outfit. Love it! Ohh, my least favorite topic…swimsuit shopping. I work out 5 – 6 days a week, and I still have major hangups about the bod in a skin-tight suit. I've been eyeing some of the J.Crew suits, but have never heard about quality. Have you? I hardly believe you need any ab help at all…you're gorgeous.

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