Dressed on a budget

While I’m steadily perusing through my piles of magazines, one feature I always look forward to is dressing on a budget. Oftentimes what’s featured on the glossy pages comprises of designer labels and expensive frocks, but at times what’s also included is attainable outfits at an affordable price. Take this outfit for a while, it’s nice to know that each piece was purchased for under $30 yet the quality and style hold steady to the present day trends of bright, neon, and classic silhouettes. I purchased the top during my time in SF, and I must have explored the store at least 3 separate times, taking it all in since I don’t have one nearby. The skirt was discovered almost two months ago in a crowded rack, never thinking I’d find a flattering pencil skirt in Target. And finally the cheerful flats, delighted to find them in a colorway I’d been searching for. 
madewell v-neck pocket tee/target skirt/uo skimmers


2 thoughts on “Dressed on a budget

  1. Sometimes those dress on a budget pieces kill me. WHO'S budget, I'd like to ask, when I see some of the pices. But features that keep it realistic with price points and trends are right up my alley, exactly like you've shown here!

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