If I were to be honest with myself, I’d confess that I subscribe to more magazines than I have time to peruse through. Let’s see, there’s InStyle, Elle, Lucky, People StyleWatch, Women’s Health, Real Simple and Vegetarian Times (my attempt at cooking once again). When I do have time to flip through the pages I sometimes think there’s too many trends going on…..leather, feathers, hardwear, lace, tropical, dots, stripes, the color white…..yet I don’t want to be out the loop! I want to know what’s going on even if I there are certain trends that will never appeal (leather, fur, capris, crop tops, to name a few). One trend I was weary of yet curious, were bright neons. I couldn’t see how it could be implemented in my daily wear, but then came across this light sweater at GAP a couple of weeks ago, marked down, so I took a chance. And in fact, I actually planned to take it back but it had been marked down further, so for $10 I made a fair contribution to trending.
gap sweater/j crew water lilly skirt/jessica simpson wedges/anthro necklace

7 thoughts on “Trending

  1. I'm a sucker for the neon trend. Something about that bold pink and highlighter yellow that sucks me in – my problem is trying not to snag every neon thing that I adore in sight!Purple and yellow is such a pretty color pairing!

  2. Super pretty skirt, Dea! I love the pairing of the yellow sweater with the punchy purple skirt. Even though it's a print, it's still mainly purple – which Wendy's Lookbook would say is a great colorblocking method (Yellow and Purple are opposite on the color-wheel, also known as complimentary colors!). Good job!

  3. I'm with Lisa – I actually love the neon trend too – something about how it's being paired in those magazines and in style blogs with neutrals really makes it feel balanced and updated. You look super cute – and incidentally, I love that necklace!

  4. oooh! i love this combo! i was suspicious of neon as well, but now may have to give it a go–now that it's not a "trend" anymore! ha!! xo

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