I’ve been having a hard time getting back into blogging. There, I said it and it’s out there in print. Blogging was always something I enjoyed spending time on because it provided an outlet for reflections, but ultimately served as some form of scrapbook if you will, of outfits worn and life events. When we left for SF a couple of weeks ago I truly delved in the moment and very seldomly checked my email, favorite sites and blogs. Becoming somewhat unplugged from my normal routine is always a welcomed change in my book as it gives me the opportunity to adapt in the moment. Once we returned from our trip I had to leave town yet again and attend my best friend’s baby shower. The travel schedule and make-up work that piled up kept me busy, but also provided me with a break from my habits. I kept thinking about how I should tune back in and dust off blogger, but I just didn’t feel ready yet. I was still enjoying my break of not feeling the need to post outfits and rush to snap pictures in the morning (if I wait later I’ll look a wrinkled mess).

This morning as I was putting on my new dress**, I felt like writing down a few words and posting my OOTD. It was an organic, natural process and who knows, it might not last past today, but it served as a confirmation that there is no actual pressure to keep tabs on myself via this blog. It’s much more important to me that I feel present for the memories and moments created than plan ahead on how to document said thing (trip, new purchase, outfit, etc). And if I could say a few words about this dress? Lovely, just lovely. As you may have noticed, my style has somewhat transitioned as a result of the job I started last summer, and have grown to reach for more polished dresses and pencil skirts ala J Crew. I initially had some apprehension regarding the fit of the dress, seeming perhaps too conservative for my taste, but once on it felt elegant and classic. Definitely worth the wait (see below).

j crew lillian dress in gardenshade floral/seychelles t-straps/j crew bangle
**I had been eyeing this dress for weeks but wasn’t ready to purchase it until J Crew had one of thier usual 30-40% off sales. When the anticipated sale arrived, the dress was a final sale purchase and I just didn’t know whether a size 0 or 2 would fit best (ultimately picked my original 0). I went online to seek others who’d reviewed the dress and was getting mixed messages. As time passed I worried my size (one of them) would sell out, so I decided to take a risk and ordered both, thinking that I’d get someone to take the improper fitting dress back. They both arrived in the mail before the SF trip, so I planned to take the dress with me and return it out of state (didn’t want to have to really beg to my local SAs for a return and have them remember me. Paranoid much?!) I went in to the store, preparing my story all sheepish-like, ready to describe how the fit was wrong, and the SA? Cool as a cucumber in SF style, didn’t bat an eye and took that dress back as if the concept of Final Sale did not exist. I felt such a relief and forgot my lines of why this dress did not work for me. Lesson learned: if you have to, buy both sizes and take back the size that didn’t work out. I think as long as you’re polite and understanding, the courtesy should be reciprocated.

4 thoughts on “Transitioning

  1. I adore that print, you look gorgeous.I used to get blogger guilt whenever I didn't post but that kind of took all the fun out of blogging. I think it is much more enjoyable for the blogger when they post when they feel like it, and ultimately better for the readers too, because the posts seem more genuine and not I'm-just-making-some-crap-up forced.

  2. Dea, that dress is really lovely on you. I saw it, but didn't even try it on, and now I'm feeling a little regret, haha. I too, have been feeling less compelled to blog on a daily basis, and I struggle with that sometimes – I feel a responsibility to readers, as silly as that may sound. But in light of that, I've been considering taking a break. Not sure, yet though. Every time I think I want to quit, I feel compelled to write something. Silly much? Yes. Yes, I am.

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