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I woke up this morning not feeling very well-rested – a result of going to bed late and being awakened by a husband who’s on call, sheepishly asking for a ride at 2am. Being up at 6 (due to a loud beeper) on a Tuesday morning has its perks, like paying tribute to Anthropologie online and picking up a couple of items from the lounge section:

    Entwined Lace Chemise

                                                       Full Spectrum Loungers

Both pieces seemed light, breezy, and cheerful. Perfect for those hot summer days when I don’t want anything touching my skin. The more I peruse in the lounge section, the more I find myself wanting to pick up a couple more things that are so aesthetically pleasing and light on the wallet.

Over the weekend I had the chance to spend some time exploring the farmer’s market early Saturday morning (I’m obviously not one to sleep in), meet up with a friend, and take in the joys of having a lazy day. 

ae striped top/anthro easy navigation wide-legs/toms
On Sunday Dr. Love and I ventured out downtown for some delicious brunch. The place only accepts cash and check, so once we stepped out and realized we’d have to go back home to get more cash, I realize that we are locked out! I had gone for a run on Saturday afternoon and forgot to put the key back on the key chain. Let’s just say brunch turned out to be a bit awkward as we ate slowly, thinking about strategies on how to break in to our own home. Although we tried to brainstorm other avenues that wouldn’t involve paying high weekend fees for a locksmith, we gave in and made the call. I’m never a fan of losing money to avoidable acts, but lesson is learned. 
anthropologie bike lanes dress/express cardi/target flats
Next on the agenda for today is swift packing for SAN FRANCISCO!! We’ve been planning this vacation for a few weeks and can’t believe the moment is here already. I’ve only been to Cali once, and that was back in August for a work trip to San Diego. I just can’t wait to explore the city, fill my belly with delicious food, and take in the ocean. For those of you familiar with or in the area, please share any advice on where to go, what to see, and most importantly, how to pack!! I realize the weather will be cooler and I only want to bring what I truly need.
Thanks for stopping by and happy Tuesday!



11 thoughts on “Here & there

  1. Have fun in San Fran. I really enjoyed the area near the docks and fisherman's wharf. We went last May, and did the whole tourist thing with the cable cars, etc… It was so fun. Make SURE you pack a jacket with pockets. That was my biggest mistake, and it was FREEZING!

  2. It's going to be pretty nice in SF! You will love it, so much to do, see and eat! You can see Balclutha, a full rigged ship at Hyde St Pier at the wharf, totally fun! I would pack some sweaters though, the weather can be tricky! ;o)

  3. Yay, you are coming to SF! You should definitely hang out with me and Tien if you have time 🙂 (And um, you are rapidly breaking down all my willpower for that Bike Lane Dress! Looks awesome on you :))

  4. Um, yes, bring layers. Scarves are a must in San Francisco. And good walking shoes because you will want to walk everywhere and take public transportation. Make sure you check out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit that is happening at the De Young museum. The SF MOMA is always great, but if you can try to go to these museums during there late night adult social hour. Chinese food is better on Clement Street than Chinatown and the Mission district is where you go to get your burrito. You haven't been to San Francisco if you don't get some Mexican food (not necessarily a burrito) in the Mission. Musee Mechanique is a good place to go if you have to do Fisherman's wharf. Trés touristy. And yes, bring layers because otherwise you will look like a tourist after freezing your butt off at the wharf and buying a fleece sweater that all the tourists wear.

  5. Hi Dea, the weather has been really nice this week, high 60's so I would say bring light layers and maybe a jacket for night time. In terms of where to go, I can suggest you some really tasty restaurants/cafes. Make sure you go to Tartine Bakery for the best pastries and bread of your life! Everything there is so good. Make sure you explore Fillmore street – I "found" this neighborhood this past year and i can't get enough – there are some great eateries too: Fresca, Taco Bar, La Med, Bun Mee, Out the Door (though you should try Slanted Door instead because that one is better). My other favorite neighborhood – the Marina and Cow Hollow. If you go there, there is this REALLY good taco place called Tacko – it's so good. I go there every chance I can. And then there's also Isa which is a french fusion place, that is delicious. Hmmm! If i think of anything else, i will be sure to let you know. Have so much fun and enjoy the city! 🙂

  6. I have no words of advice for San Fran, except the Ghiradelli Choc Factory. Yum. Uber yum. Great memories with my family there, but I was really young the last time I was there. I hope you have a wonderful trip! I'd love to hit San Fran soon for a vacay. I had to chuckle reading your run-down of night awakenings via pager (I want to take the thing and huck it across the room some nights!!) and locking yourselves out…totally been there! Was mortified to discover we could break into our own home. Didn't feel so safe after that!! Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it.

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