The art of procrastination

(written earlier this morning)

I have come to realize, time and time again unfortunately, that when there is a big deadline looming in and I’m not quite sure how to go about wrestlingt the big beast that is otherwise known as “getting it done”. I internally freak out a bit (okay, a lot) and engage in another activity that does not remotely resemble or aid my necessity to address the urgency at hand. There must be some form of art to it, there’s gotta be some type of self-help paperback that clearly defines a step-by-step process on how to buckle down, turn away any and all potentially distracting affairs,and begin to understand the challenge that lies ahead.

To provide myself an example of…err, myself, let’s take note of an upcoming presentation that’s due in the next few days. I’ve been assigned the marvelous task of creating said presentation based on various articles and older presentations, meant to be sharp, precise, effective,and hard-hitting. Have you now begun to freak out? I thought so. Rather than spend my free time locating previously mentioned “Save my a**” self-helper, I am instead here, typing away ever so diligently to create a blog post. Priorities priorities.

I just can’t help it friends!! I don’t even know where to begin in a situation such as this. Truth be told, I do have help and someone else more experienced in this field is available, but I don’t want to be “that gal” who weasels herself out of responsibility. No, instead, I want to wrestle victoriously with this darn presentation and show it who’s boss. Only I really can’t, because there’s not enough hours in a day to figure out said topic and then produce a top-notch product. Not to mention address the other 184935 tasks that are clearly listed in my notebook.

In the end, I chose to work in short bursts, divvying up presentation with other work, that way I  wouldn’t feel complete despair due to the slow pace of progress. I discovered that by switching between more active tasks and research, time goes by faster and I can actually claim to have accomplished some level of work for the day.

Does anyone else have such problems or am I alone in circumventing challenging tasks?

                                        banana republic top/uo bdg skinnies/j crew ballet flats


5 thoughts on “The art of procrastination

  1. I have a tendency to save the worst tasks of the day for last, which makes them loom over my head the entire day, so I know all you're talking about, but unfortunately can't offer any good advice. I do, however, know that your bright outfit is simply chic and fab!

  2. oh god, terrible procrastinator here too! I should be cleaning right now- have made a mess of the closet (and therefore the bedroom) but you know, just need to check my email one more time and maybe leave a comment here or there…!I try to do the short bursts thing at work, but it doesn't seem to work (wouldn't it be great to know if your workload was actually possible, or whether they are indeed just trying to kill you?!) and I always thought I should try and work on focusing on one task to the exclusion of others (impossible!)Anyway, dressing well always makes me feel more confident, and I love your bright colours! Good luck!!

  3. I do the same thing! Split the big project up into a bunch of smaller time frames crushed between other smaller projects. I think it really does help. I'm so bad about waiting to 'feel the pressure' before I get going on something. sigh…

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