Two for one

Over the weekend I started the unavoidable: spring cleaning. I climbed those stairs up and down, storage to closet, balancing clear boxes and folding up a storm. Here’s what I realized: my taste and preferences change quire often. I know that time and time again I read and try to preach the notion that buying classic pieces are the best investment for long-term use. Thing about it is, I can easily alter my preference when it comes to clothes, and there are times when I’ve outgrown something or it no longer fits with my life schedule or current personal style. I really do try to stay “in love” with what I already own, but I just can’t help but want to reinvent things a bit…

So what say you ladies? What frequency is in place for updating the old wardrobe and how do you sustain infatuation with the more classic pieces??
                            anthropologie freya blouse/jcrew sunshine peony skirt/uo bdg leather pointy skimmer

jcrew vintage cotton tee, pleated jardin skirt in heart throb, ballet flats


8 thoughts on “Two for one

  1. I'm fickle. My tastes change often, whether it's with clothing, curtains, or hairstyles. I find that the things that I stick with are certain shapes that flatter my shape the best. I may experiment and "love" a trend or new shape for a season but tend to always return to what to what I started out with. For a couple years I tried out the shorter a-line skirts and while they are cute, I like me better in straighter cuts. I noticed that's what I'm reaching for again in my closet. Which means I end up purging the pieces I'm "over". Thankfully, I know myself well enough to not go overboard with what I pay for these items, so when I do clean out the closet, I'm not mad at myself for spending so much money.

  2. classic and new- these outfits both look pretty current and fresh! I have no balance in my wardrobe, so no advice from me. I am a total clothes hoarder, but I do wear everything! I just pretty much wear most things once a year or so…so little time!

  3. Hey Dea! Great post πŸ™‚ Something I've been thinking over lately too!!I tend to impulse buy because I think I'm in "love" with the item and then wear it once or twice and am over it 😦 Lately, I've tried purchasing based on what I really love and looks great on me vs. what is in style and trendy…It has to be something I can style in my head at least 3 different ways and see myself reaching for it over and over again! If I'm on the fence, I'm trying to let it go…Even some of the "classic" pieces just aren't doing it for me anymore! Sometimes I think our closets are just trial and error and we are building perfect closets ;)β™₯

  4. Total honesty here: I don't ever want a "forever" closet. Do I really want to wear the same 'ol pieces forever more? Nay. I'm a firm believer in wearing what you love, reinventing yourself, and being inspired by the process. You do it well, Dea. This heart throb skirt is so fab on you! Spring cleaning…ugh. I personally don't rotate out my closet, but this year I may actually pack boots and jeans away since I REALLY won't be needing them in Texas. Okay, you've inspired me. Off I go.

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