I’ve mentioned recently my increased interest for the brightly popular, JCrew, which as of late, I’ve begun to call JCrack due to my inability to stay away. While I’m no real expert on addiction, I can recognize particular behavioral patterns that transpire whenever I go into one of their stores or peruse their catalogs. An overwhelming sensation of craving goes into effect as I admire the bold colors, classic styles, and knack for timeless pieces that JCrack bestows upon me. I’m 100%, absolutely certain that Ms. Jenna Lyons has no earthly idea who I am, but that’s what’s so scary. She and her team of designers seem to know exactly what will make me wiggle into pencil skirts and pull striped tops over my head time and time again. Those final sale specials? Dangerous. JCrack Warehouse Sales? Ridiculously dangerous due to their low inventory to match a low price. Outdated student ID? A small slice of discount relief.

My point is this: evidence below will showcase and make a strong argument for my JCrack craving: I’m covered from head to toe in it, making no apologies. Now when is that measly Rewards Card scheduled to make its way? I may have my eye on something.

JCrew colorblock stripe boatneck tee, crinkle chiffon skirt, ballet flats, shimmer colorblock necklace


5 thoughts on “JCrack

  1. Woman, I feel your pain. I, too, have found myself back in full blown addiction mode with J.Crack. I just received my second FP purchase order. I picked up the Gondola skirt earlier and just received the big dot skirt version of the dress you want. Both WINNERS. I've really cute back on spending at Anthro and all around, really, so when I tried both the skirts, I knew they were each keepers. Shall we start a group to enable…er…HELP each other out?

  2. d'oh! I was totally jonesing for the yellow version of this tee but it sold out online…I had visions of pairing it with green skirts too- whatdyaknow, it looks awesome with hot pink too! I LOVE J crack colours!!

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