Over the weekend

I’ve been absent from the blog for a bit and my apologies for that. In addition to work taking over, I’ve spent the past few weekends out of town, which typically means that the upcoming weeks are spent playing catch up. This past weekend was successfully spent at home where I explored the town during Spring season for the first time. Did a bit of shopping at Urban Outfitters (for him) and devoured a delightful nutella crepe (for her). Although I thoroughly enjoy leaving town and exploring new sights, there’s something special about staying local and getting familiar with my surroundings.

                                           anthropologie sugared dress/ LC lauren conrad flats/ tj maxx purse


11 thoughts on “Over the weekend

  1. Welcome back! Your photos are tempting me twice over: first, to play hookie and go for a lovely stroll preferably all day tomorrow, and second, to hunt down a sugared dress. I missed out last year, and have been faithfully hunting the last month or so for what I hope to be a more fair price (looking doubtful). Hope you are feeling refreshed!

  2. I agree, it's always nice when you get a chance to explore locally. I've lived in our city for over 2 years and I still am always discovering new places! You look so pretty in the sugared dress and hmmm, nutella crepe!

  3. Bookishhelms, you must definitely go for a stroll tomorrow, these are the best times for it, before the heat sets in! As for the Sugared Dress, I'm hoping that you will find one in your size. Between the Trade Market and Ebay, I believe!

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