I snapped these pictures early this morning before heading to work. As the day carried on I started thinking about the outfit more and more, and began to question whether it was work-appropriate. The thing about it was that I didn’t have much of a choice – I was already at the office and heading home to change wasn’t an option. So I kept low-key and mainly stayed in my personal quarters. I don’t know what it was exactly, the skinny black pants, the red heels peeking out – perhaps it would be more fitting for a night out? This can happen at times when I want to provide a personal spin to my work attire. Pencil skirts and blouses are always believable characters, but on a regular basis it can leave nothing to the imagination. Well, lesson learned. Initially I may be fine with what I cook up in the comfort of my bedroom, but once stepping in the office space, it’s a whole other ballgame.

                                            f21 top & skinnies/seychelles perfect pumps


13 thoughts on “Appropriateness

  1. I think you look lovely too! i'm not sure what your occupation is, but if it's a business attire atmosphere I'd say a black blazer would have pulled it together nicely. But I relate a bit more to Jan and her wedges at the playground. That's SO me! And I always end up regretting trying to be fashionable on wood chips.

  2. I love this outfit! This would be work-appropriate in my business casual office, certainly. What do other people in your office wear that prompted you to feel like this was inappropriate?

  3. Depending on your office, I think this is a great business casual look. It would work at my office where there is no dress code. Outfits range from sports tees to suits, depending on what's on onez's work calendar. I tend to overdress but that's ok with me! I love your red shoes!

  4. Jan – I'm over here laughing as you run after your boys at the playground in wedges. If I was a mom there, I'd totally envy how you pull it off!aimee- totally hit the nail on the head because I did have a black blazer that I threw on when I got cold. It worked out great actually!jewishgirlblog- so, other people in my office wear whatever. From khakis, to polos, and simple tees. I'm usually the one overdressed (by my standards). It's a pretty casual place and there's not a strict dress code.fallon- the blazer did come out to play and kept things polished! Thanks for the advice.pamela- you're right, I'm starting to warm up a bit on the outfit now that I've heard from some of you. The doctors typically wear ties, but the researchers (like me) can be more casual.

  5. I love this outfit, I think you look adorable and polished. I agree with Aimee, if you feel uncomfortable you could certainly add a blazer, but even as is nobody would think you were headed to the club.xo Julie

  6. I like the outfit and I would wear it to work with a cardigan. If the blouse was low cut or see through or if the black pants were skin tight I could see where the outfit would be inappropriate.

  7. Sometimes I go through the same quandry. As a general rule, I've always heard bare arms at work is an office no-no. However, my building does not have central air and it is blazing hot in here practically year round. I wear sleeveless in my office, but usually bring a sweater or jacket. If I have a meeting I definitely make sure my arms are covered. I personally wouldn't wear skinnies to work as it reads trendy/casual to me. I think you look really cute, but I can also see where you would be uncomfortable. I say keep your standards high and don't let others' style of dress bring you down (as in more casual.) I think you will be more comfortable if you "do you."

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