Blue bird

A quick hello from North Carolina! I’m here visiting friends and gearing up for a half-marathon early tomorrow morning.

Just wanted to share another borrowed feather from Carol’s closet. I own this top in the yellow motif, but the blue and green birds were an easy favorite. Pairing it with this newly acquired skirt emphasized the green shade.

            anthro loosened shelby blouse/ jcrew no.2 pencil skirt in double-serge cotton & classic wide bangle/ anthro dusky begonia t-straps


3 thoughts on “Blue bird

  1. hmmm and I was wishing I had gotten that top..looks great on you! hmmmm maybe I should pay a visit to Carol's closet 🙂 question for you both as I think you both have unconditional osler…. I had wash everything and usually PASS on "dry clean only" as I hate to add cleaning costs to the cost of a dress + the hassle of dropping off and picking up. Have either of you hand washed this dress?? I hand wash ALL of my anthro things….cold water/delicate detergent, etc. I have not even worn this dress yet but wondering if it will become to costly to wear…. Barbara

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