February Setback

Oh dear, I’m afraid I don’t have very positive news to report. Nothing tragic, I just completely derailed from my New Year’s resolution. Now that March has arrived I’m able to look back at the month of February and come to the conclusion that I, my dear friends, have been a-shopping. A dress, couple of skirts, cardigans, and a couple of blouses. Resolution and budget be damned! It definitely was not intentional, but for the past few weeks I have just been in this type of funk regarding my clothes and what I own. Looking through certain items, I felt that they didn’t flatter, no longer my style, or no longer were a good fit with my current lifestyle. It could have something to do with turning 30 a couple of months ago and readjusting to the new digits, and it might have to do with getting situated to an office environment and realizing that I’m no longer running to and from classes. And another factor to consider is that I like to change my mind every once in a while, so after some time my personal style evolves, goes through mood swings, and craves for something different. 

If anyone’s curious as to where I’ve been shopping, it’s been none other than J Crew and a bit of Target. The Crew is great for updating wardrobe staples like cardigans and pencil skirts, and Target really delivered on a couple of pencil skirts as well, at $23 a pop. I’ve been selective in my choices and over-analyzed everything to make sure they could sustain multiple seasons and exude a classic personal style. Almost everything bought has been on sale, well, and does a JCrew rewards card count?! So now that the new month has arrived, I am detoxing. Still giving my closet the critical eye and will be posting more items here that might serve inspiration to other stylish gals.

So tell me, does anyone else go through this? Has anyone ever chucked everything and started anew? 

                         anthropologie cardigan (anyone know its name??)/ jcrew regular fit cords, oxfords


9 thoughts on “February Setback

  1. I should be ashamed to admit that I will be checking frequently to see what new pretties you post for sale! I've loved everything from your closet! You definitely rock the J.Crew, tailored look, and those pieces are timeless for the most part so you can always mix them in with what new styles you find yourself drawn to in the future.

  2. I have! there's been times when I look in my full closet and think I have nothing to wear! But really, it's that I have nothing "I currently like" to wear!

  3. I have to admit I've been shopping A LOT lately! I can't help myself, every Spring (and Summer) I get so excited for the weather and all the pretty clothes! Even though I should be mature and buy "classic" and "timeless" staples, I love trendy, fun, fashion pieces. I really do need to invest in some classic pieces though, like some simple black pumps.xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.comP.S. Love the turtle cardi!

  4. I recently found a photo of myself from 10 years ago – and decided I looked older then than now (my friend agreed). Part of that was style, and part was that I weighed 30 lbs more then. But ultimately I have realized that my style has fundamentally shifted, largely within the past 6 or 7 years. It wasn't a conscious, deliberate decision (as yours seems to be) but it has had an extraordinary effect on my self-perception and that of others toward me. So embrace your new style. Something is speaking to you.

  5. I have the same issue, honestly. My style has gone through a major change in the last 6+ months- so many things I own don't 'work' anymore, or the fit is just not right, etc. It's not easy- I'm slowly rotating the things that never truly fit me or my personality out, and have been tuning out other bloggers influence/style out of my head (because that is how I got so many things that don't work to begin with!). The style I really want to move towards is not what I portray right now- tailored, classic, elegant, feminine with a rock edge, edgy and chic like a rock star. Some of my old peices work, some don't!

  6. Hi Dea! I completely get where you've been. I think a lot of us come down with the late winter closet funk. I've been a huge J.Crew addict for years and one of the things I love about their classic pieces is that I don't feel like I need to replace everything in my closet each season. It's easy to update items with a new pair of shoes, a scarf, a bag, or simple tee's in seasonal colors. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your shopping finds! 🙂

  7. ah,you're still doing fine. My conclusion is that it's probably impossible for clothes hounds to completely limit ourselves to one thing every 30 days! I might starve! (or something). But moderation and consideration is good! I love a good infusion of J Crew colour! and a cute classic cardigan like this!

  8. I turned the big 4-0 about 6 months ago and was struggling at first with how young I generally dress – lots of skirts, dresses and cute cardigans…at first I thought it might not be age appropriate, but then I thought, screw it…..I'm as young as I feel and still feel (personality-wise) stuck in my late 20's despite being married for almost 20 years with 4 kids (one approaching 18….!!!) I'm still just as attracted to bright, wow-colors and promised myself that I won't become one of those women with a monochromatic wardrobe simply because I'm in my 40's….

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