So….I’ve been kind of getting into the show SMASH, which is unusual for me because I’m not into musicals. When the GLEE hype ran rampant I couldn’t make the connection, except for the adoration of the outfits. I just can’t relate to singing in high school hallways because back in those days, my afternoons were devoted to the hot gym for volleyball practice. So back to the point 🙂 I started paying attention to SMASH because it was located in NYC and it’s about a girl from small-town-Iowa following her dream. It gets me thinking about how often we go after our dreams, regardless of how big or small they may seem to others. If you asked me sometime in high school what would absolutely rock my world and make me the happiest, I would say becoming a dancer. Not the video-vixen type, no, the In Living Color type, equipped with spandex and midriffs 😉 Oh, and I really wanted to work for a fashion magazine and write articles on what’s in style, and have this great office in New York, and wear fabulous clothes, and be situated in this little posh studio right downtown. Now that I’m a little older, it’s much harder to hone down and locate the one thing that would make everything better because there’s so much more to life, there’s more to it than just a dream job. But it’s interesting how dreams change, because now I don’t think I could rock the spandex or fit all my belongings in an NYC studio, but I can rock a happy marriage, healthy living, great friends, fun travels and inner peace (not excluding pretty frocks). Dreams seem to change from actual things to a state of mind, or rather, they evolve. And I’m okay with that.

                  anthro grasby gardens dress/jcrew cardigan/kohl’s lace tights/ruche miss me ruffled pumps


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  1. Oh, the dreams of our youth are quickly squashed by the hard reality of the real world…Haha!!!I love the dress with flat Oxford shoes. You look cute in this look!

  2. Oh how I love this dress. I have pined for it a long, long time. I love it with those shoes. You look classy, vintagey, and unique…all at once. Awesome. Me? I wanted to become a whale trainer…like full-blown Sea World Shamu whale trainer. Now I just buy season passes and cry during the shows. It's awesome.

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