Technical difficulties w/a side of Anthro reviews

The past few days have been really frustrating in regards to the technical side of things. My laptop’s moods have become inconsistent and as a result, I haven’t been able to use it much.  I now face the decision of whether to invest money for repairs or part ways and find a new device. It’s at moments like this when I realize how much I depend on my computer and how it turns everything upside down when it’s not functioning properly. This would explain my lack of blogging. Well, that and the fact that I haven’t been inspired much as of late and took no outfit pictures except last Monday. I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve had these ideas of completely starting over with my wardrobe and reinventing my individual style, but more on that later.

Over the weekend I made a stop at my local Anthro for a quick look around. The January and February catalogs haven’t brought on any pitter-patter reactions towards any particular item, so I half-hazardly walked in hoping a visit might turn things around. Well, not much magic was found I’m afraid. It was a let-down going in to my favorite store and not getting really excited about anything. I picked up a couple of things to try on just to say I did it, or rather, to see if perhaps once on I would change my mind.

This is what I wore on Saturday for a day of errands:
anthropologie decisively textured pullover/ae jeggings/f21 purse/jcrew flats
The first dress I tried on was the Cerise Stamped Dress, in a size 0. It was one of the few dresses that I thought had potential, but once on I wasn’t quite impressed. The positives were that it was easy to put on, lined, and cotton. The shape didn’t seem to flatter on me as much and the ruffles were ill-proportioned. I think I can find a pretty similar style/pattern for much less elsewhere.
The Embossed Basket Dress has been out for a while with no indication of going on sale anytime soon, so I picked it up in a size XS to see whether it was worth keeping an eye on. I really wanted to try on the green but only found the blue motif in my size. What I like about it a lot is its playful cut and versatile style. I could see it easily worn out for a day of sightseeing or at a semi-formal event for work. The only thing I’m hesitant on is where the waistline begins, and its poofiness factor. That, paired with the thick fabric, could be a recipe for unflattering bulkiness. Other reviewers online have mentioned sizing up, but I would again, worry about adding extra padding if it’s not a perfect fit.
I picked up these two tops simply out of curiosity as they’re not typically what I gravitate towards. The Ping-Pong Tank stands out for its typical-Anthro quirky print, but it was just way too short for my taste. I stretch upward to reach for the cookie jar, and everyone’s got front seats to my belly button, and then some 🙂 I tried on a size 0 and thought it was adorable, but just not fitting for my lifestyle. It would be a fun top for the beach or summer vacations so not a lot of wear from me. 
The second top, the Cirro Blouse was just all sorts of wrong on me. I didn’t know how to make it work and had a lot of gripes about it. For one, the color was somewhat faded, a blend of uber-light and light blue, most likely to resemble the sky, but on me it looked like something had bled in the wash. The neckline construction was just confusing and created bumps. It seemed like the idea was to create something original, but it just didn’t flatter. Tried on my usual size 0 and felt it was once again, too short for my body/style.
It’s just as well that nothing worked and I walked away empty-handed. I’ve been gravitating towards different stores lately and just can’t get that inspiring feeling from Anthro. Plus, it’s always great when I get to keep my money in my wallet. This time anyway!

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