Insightfully pleasant

Weekends seem to come and go, so I’m always appreciative when a good one rolls around and can put me at ease for the week ahead. Saturday was fairly low-key with the highlights being a trip to the local market for fresh veggies, followed by a sweat session at Bikram Yoga. Today I had my partner in crime at my disposal, so we took a long walk around downtown, popped in at Urban Outfitters where Dr. Love gifted us two scarves spotted on sale, completed by a delicious Thai dinner that included pineapple fried rice. The best part of the day however, had to be my final arrival upon human civilization via Downton Abbey. Seriously, what took me so long to really get into this show? We’re both deeply entrenched and geekfully exploring Wiki for the extra details.

So, February has not been the best for sustaining to my New Year’s resolution of shopping in a limited fashion. The day after the Constellation Blouse went on sale, a certain someone found it in her size and brought it home (gulp). I’ve got no excuse, just stating facts. It just so happens that it’s been rather difficult as of late finding flattering items at Anthro. This top was one of those pieces that’s an Anthro classic for me, so it again, felt like a wise investment. 

                anthro constellation blouse/jcrew jackie cardigan/ae cords/anthro bowtied boots


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