Oh my…..

It has been too long since I last came here and unloaded! My laptop had been going through some mood swings and since I like to exist in a drama free environment, girlfriend got sent to get checked out to return to me peaceful and efficient. Well, we’ve reunited and for the time being the moods seem to be at bay..

With the free time on my hands I managed to try something new and got twisted up and sweated out at Bikram Yoga. Back in December I landed on a great Groupon deal for unlimited Bikram classes for a month. Having heard conflicting opinions on the practice, I decided to take a chance and decide for myself. I’ve now been twice, and all I can proclaim is the following: it’s smelly, ridiculously hot, exhausting, way long at 90 minutes, refreshing, and unlike any type of yoga I’ve twisted into before. It’s definitely not designed for those that can’t stand to bask in their own pool of sweat for an extended period of time, nor for those who get uncomfortable surrounded by classmates in sports bras and yogi short shorts. Both male and female. It’s obviously quite the experience and I still can’t say whether I like it or not, but I’m going back – gotta justify that Groupon somehow 🙂 I’d love to hear from others who’ve tried it before…

Something else worth reporting is my experience with the Jason Wu fiasco at Target. My friend and I reported to our local store at about 8 AM on Sunday, thinking we wouldn’t encounter much of a crowd. We were correct in that regard, but what we did not account for were the(insert obscenely rude word here) individuals who bought everything in sight only to later resell on Ebay. It’s true, there were two women in front of us in line who spent over $1700 (we later asked the SA) on JW merchandize. Looking at the pile of scarves sliding by on the checkout belt produced both sadness and frustration. What is the point? Why doesn’t Target regulate such shady behaviors? Why don’t some people have any human decency? Will they really make that much more money or will they eventually return unsold items? All I really wanted was the blue poplin dress and the black and white contrast bag but found neither either online or in-store. The whole experience was disappointing. My local store had a very limited assortment of the merchandize and every time a SA would return with items from the fitting room, there was a group of girls/women huddling near her, almost grabbing her hands as she would place down the hangers on display. For full disclosure purposes, it’s only fair to say that I did not go home empty-handed. My friend was able to phone in her mom who picked up items from her small town store, so my consolation prize was this top. I still can’t decide whether I should keep it as a victory medal or take it’s polyester self back to the store. The whole experience was ugly and a mad frenzy. 

So before I go to my next adventure, I leave you with an outfit I wore almost two weeks ago. It showcases a top that I’ve been on the fence about. Its massive embellishments, while beautiful and unique, tend to weigh down the neckline, and at this point in my life my “girls” can’t do all the work without me fidgeting a bit.

anthro snowscape tank & pilcro cohort cords/jcrew ethereal ruffle cardigan & bracelet/target booties


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