A simple weekend





jcrew crochet lace-front tee/f21 skirt/target tights/ciao bella boots

Many thanks to those of you who chimed in on yesterday’s post relating both to the dresses and shopping in general. I read each response a couple of times just because I’m really trying to do the right thing in staying true to my new goal of buying less. Various points were raised that had also come to my mind, like the ridiculous ‘cute’ factor of the Bike Lane dress, not to mention how unique it is. It’s definitely on my mind and might just be the purchase of the month because it seems like a popular item and I don’t want to risk not finding it in my size. Then there’s the Dropped Dots dress. It’s pretty adorbs as well, but I should keep it on my radar for now, hoping for a sale. This was a great form of exercise to really be more thoughtful on the purchase of the month. Many thanks again!

This weekend was very well-spent, and aside from grabbing dinner with friends and going for a long run, I simply took it easy. Watched more Felicity while falling further for Ben (same as back in high school) and reading for book club. While drinking multiple cups of Sleepytime Vanilla, I reflected on how often we’re expected to make the most of our weekends, cramming in as many tasks/errands/visits/projects as possible before Monday returns with its weekly obligations. I made it a point to absolutely enjoy all of the free time I had. While accomplishing a couple of small tasks, like replacing more knobs with pretty Anthro ones (pictures to come), I just let things be, taking in simplicity.


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