Big Trouble (Anthro dress reviews)

The other day I very innocently went to my local Anthropologie in search of drawer knobs. You know the ones, sparkly, unique, reinvent-your-dresser-and-renewing-its-looks knobs. I had great success replacing the knobs of one dresser, so I was back for more. On my way in I spot the Bike Lane Dress. Heavens above it was beautiful! And cute! And had me dreaming of dancing during the long summer nights with it on. I quickened my steps inside and ran to the dressing room to try it on.





Well, it’s a real winner in my eyes. I took my usual size 0 and it fit like a dream. I’m small up top but it held up great. In fact, it also comes equipped with straps, just in case. There’s a side zipper and a few buttons on the back. I was able to slip it on simply by undoing the zipper and leaving the buttons alone. It’s such a cheerful piece. It has a cotton slip underneath, pockets, hits great at the waist…..the list goes on. If only Anthro would have debuted this dress later because right now there’s no way I can wear it. What do you guys think??




As luck would have it, I also spotted the Dropped Dots Dress. My heart started beating faster because this was another dress I’d really been wanting to try on and check out in person. I grabbed my usual 0 and put it on. Everything was good, except for when the zipper wouldn’t go any higher than my ribcage. Maybe it was the holiday snacking? Too much apple cider? I grabbed the 2 and it made all the difference. The fit was great and it didn’t provide any extra room. I took a look at the online reviews and others noted the same regarding sizing. The dress is gorgeous, although I can’t decipher whether it’s black or blue, I keep going back and forth. Love the fact that it has pockets, the low cut of the back, and of course, the polka dots! My only concern is the fact that it’s linen and has the potential to wrinkle easily, but it can be easily overlooked.

So there you have it friends. I am in big trouble because I seem to have located my purchases for January and February. Can I seal the deal with shopping until March 1? Is it justifiable and logical? I haven’t been this excited about Anthro items since……..let’s just say it’s been a while. Please weigh in and give it to me straight.


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