A couple of quick reviews

A few days ago I stopped by my local b&m for a couple of returns, and while there, I took a little time to try on two items I’ve had my eye on.


            Decisively Textured Pullover and Tuberose Lace Skirt

I tried on the sweater in my typical size, XS, and would say that it’s TTS.Its material is soft and the crew classic cut is flattering. I worried that it might be see-through and would require layering a tank underneath, but it wasn’t necessary and I can definitely get by with a nude-hue undergarment. While the blue version seems to almost have sold out, there are plenty in stock of the pink motif. I chose this colorway because its shades are so cheerful and they remind me of candy! I’m seriously contemplating it with the 25% BF discount…

As for the skirt, it’s something I didn’t think twice about when it first came out. The initial price of $188 seemed ridiculously overpriced, and when that happens, I don’t take the said item seriously. Even at its first markdown of $130, I still wasn’t convinced. Now that its been marked down yet again, I decided to try my luck and see what the skirt had to offer. I tried a size 0 and it fit comfortably at my waist but not with a lot of extra room to spare. If I went with the 2 I would definitely be sized out. The material is beautiful and its intricate embroidery provides that unique appeal Anthro is known for, but I just wasn’t completely sold on the colors. I initialy had plans of trying the green, but after reviewing all the skirts in my closet, I thought some color would be more fitting. The orange is definitely bright, but it’s also cheerful in my opinion, and it was beautifully styled on the catalog with a white blouse.
I ended up bringing it home to see its potential contribution to my wardrobe, but I’m also not so secretly waiting for another markdown to seal the deal.

So…..what do we think?


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