Running around





jcrew ruffle top/anthropologie field game cardigan/anthropologie pilcro cords/anthropologie trinket flats

This morning I got up before sunrise to run a half-marathon near one of the local vineyards. There was a small group of us crazy enough to layer as best we could, braving 30-something degree weather, surrounded by ice on the ground, mountain views and small creeks. Under different circumstances I would have enjoyed my environment to its full capacity, but this morning was about survival and reaching the finish line. I’m not typically up for extreme sports so the setup was unintentional. Once home, a nice hot bath soothed the overworked muscles and a long nap made up for lost sleep.

I took it easy for the rest of the day and met up with a friend, as we discussed about how uninspired we’ve been by Anthro lately. Not much seems to ignite impulsive buys or (in)patiently waiting for sale day. I have found myself purchasing something, only to rethink my decision and return the said items. I guess it’s my desire to update my wardrobe with new Anthro, but nothing is really wowing me. Well, except for maybe this, which I’m thinking of picking up with my 25% discount courtesy of cancelled items from BF online shopping.

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!


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