Rosy tones




anthropologie brushed lace pullover/kohl’s LC pleated chiffon skirt/kohl’s tights/anthropologie whispered trail boots

It’s not often that I get to document my actual OOTD. Most of the time I squeeze out a few shots and then try to catch up with posts showcasing a completely different outfit than what I actually wore. Not today. This is what I wore on this fine Thursday while dreaming of the weekend. It may sound ridiculous, but these days with a wedding on my mind consuming the majority of my time I just wanted a little break and went on a dinner date. For pizza. And wedding talk was not on the menu. Speaking of festivities, thank you all for all the warm wishes and kind words. It’s a very exciting time, and even though I took a short break this afternoon, I’ve loved exploring Etsy, uncovering my creative side, and filling in multiple girlfriends on my search for the perfect pair of shoes. I will most definitely share with you all the big and small details of this special occasion, but for now, the paper chains are a callin’.

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