Electric Blue…….for Fall?

Coming to Charlottesville, I knew that this time of year would be picturesque and a beloved sight to be surrounded by. Now that Fall is here I am amazed at how beautiful everything has become, from the continuous falling leaves, to the crisp air, including the college girls decorated in tall, tan boots. Love it all, nature and the sharp fashion trends it inspires.

In addition to my changing environment, the décor on my kitchen table has gotten a facelift. I am now amongst apple cider, apple-cranberry bread, pumpkin bread, and I may just be in the middle of whipping up an apple pie. I have no self control apparently and can easily be persuaded by vitamin A goodness.

Turning a complete 180 on you gals, here I am in my finest blues. The shocking color of the pants is bold, but I like it. Especially when paired with light palettes, or a lace top such as this one. The colored denim trend this season has definitely been accepted ‘round these parts.

     004                  003

007        006

anthropologie wispy cirrus blouse/ ae jeggings/ target wedges


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