Heaps of Anthro Fitting Room Reviews

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while, but then I recently visited the Anthropologie store in Durham, NC, where I was able to find some true gems not yet online. Good thing I waited so that a long post could be constructed Winking smile




Glinting Persica Sweater Dress – the short answer: not a fan. The long version: something about the pattern, the material, construction and awkward line across the bust really made me think twice about it. The top portion of the dress felt really snug on, yet if I went up a size I think the rest of the dress would lose its appeal and appear baggy. For sizing reference, I tried on an XS.




Lepidoptera Dress – This dress has been out for some time but I only tried it on a couple of weeks ago. Such a true beauty with its pretty butterflies and full skirt. I immediately wanted to partake in some form of girly activity, like a tea party or skipping about in garden full of flowers. I tried on the size 0 and it was a perfect fit, no room for any slipups due to the strapless bodice. My only hesitation was that the print, while adorable, doesn’t fit so well with my lifestyle at the office. Perhaps a re-consideration is in order once on sale.



Colorblocked Sweater Skirt – I picked this up in an XS and the fit was fair, true to size. I liked the contrast of gray and yellow paired together, but wonder what I could be tucking in a sweater skirt so that the waistband has room to shine. Seems like a great staple for the fall/winter seasons, but I own too many gray skirts to justify its purchase.



Unconditional Osier Dress – I absolutely loved this dress, and happy to discover that its appeal online manifested in reality. I have on the XS and it’s a great fit, even with a bit of room for those dinner dates when I overstuff myself with sweet potato fries and Blue Moon. Oh right, back to the dress! The blue lace was definitely something new for me, and I have nothing like it in my closet. I can see this belted, layered with cardigans, dressed up or a little more casually. Seriously re-considering!



Pleated Ponte Skirt & Helping Hands Top – The top had caught my eye before but I always thought it was a bit too busy for my taste. My assessments were correct on this one once on. Cute in theory but too many hands all over me makes a little uneasy! The skirt was really adorable in terms of style and flirty swish action, but the shade of green had me thinking of St. Patties the whole time. Could not get it out of my mind. And with that, back to the rack they go. For sizing reference, I tried the top in a Small and the skirt in a 0.



AG Stevie Ankle & Soft Chevrons Pullover – The pants are now on sale, though still a bit steep for my taste, considering that the color is more of a trendy shade. However, I have absolutely no complaints about the fit and the flattery they bring about to a sometimes challenging area for us ladies (read: thighs and bootie). I tried on a size 28 because it was the smallest size available, but feel that my true size would be a 27 or even 26, due to the stretch. The pullover drew me in specifically because of its soft shade of pink and unique sleeve detailing. Even though I tried on an XS, the fit still felt a bit loose and unflattering in the stomach region. You’ll see in the pictures below as well. 




And we have an unbeknownst skirt to me, but completely lovely and very timely for the upcoming season. I tried on the XS but it landed really high on my waist, so perhaps sizing down to a Small would bit more comfortable. It has a thick waistband and a zipper on the back. A definite sweater skirt, in a somewhat heather blue/teal colorway, priced at $168. I have not found it online but hoping it pops up in the near future. I really liked this one, but ultimately held back due to its steep price. With that said, as time goes on I could be easily tempted to reconsider.





I saved the best for last! This beauty was just laying there, on a wooden table, waiting for me to put it on! Okay, so not really, it was just there for anyone curious enough to take a closer look, but nevertheless I put it on and it was love people! I think this was a Size 0, and the skirt material is jersey. It’s very reminiscent of the Gathering Breeze Dress, in both style and price. I truly loved it on and think it would be perfect for an important, upcoming event. I think my favorite part is the embroidery detailing on the bodice, so this dress is completely wishlisted and needs to arrive at my local store stat!


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