Sunny Brights




the limited (anthro caranday lookalike) dress/ jcrew jackie cardigan/seychelles t-straps

Today’s weather was just one pitiful mop of wetness that continued without pause. I honestly cannot remember a day when it rained The gray skies showed no sign of the sun’s existence, and it got me thinking: can the weather really affect our moods to such a high degree that I’m grumbling every time I reach for the umbrella or for being bothered to step outside.

With wet clothes and frizzy hair, it was no state of being to warrant OOTD documentation, so instead I dug through my archives and am presenting an outfit worn a couple of weeks ago, when I seemed to be in apparently brighter moods. I don’t normally pursue green and pink together since they can make a statement solo, but that day I was inspired by the ever-feminine Kate Spade ads and constructed my own version.

So, what did you gals pick up from the Anthro sale yesterday? I kept a low profile and scooped up the foundational pencil skirt. The best part about this purchase – the extra 25% discount applied at checkout. All of a sudden I wasn’t so concerned about paying for shipping!!


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