A little less ordinary




ruche summer festival striped dress/jcrew jackie cardigan/seychelles pumps

The last few days seem to have breezed by and I’m not sure where the time has gone. Somewhere between making the bed at 7:30 pm and preparing lunch at 7 am, work, sleep, and operation special project (more on this later)have been the staples in my schedule. One night I found a moment to curl up on the couch and flip through one of the library books I had discovered, French Country Style at Home. Its detailed pictures illustrated rustic farms and intimate antique collections, floating me above reality and into retreat heaven. I couldn’t get enough of absorbing each page, and began to picture myself riding a bike (with wicker basket on the front) through lush gardens, arranging brightly colored terra-cotta pots in the kitchen, and curling up in ivory vintage bed sheets.

The color palette that kept revealing itself throughout the pages was gray, beige, white, and natural light. Old books and naturally romantic details were sprinkled throughout the rooms displayed, and I couldn’t help but wish for this type of vintage paradise to recreate my surroundings.


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