Who to root for?




anthropologie pom flower shift

j crew jackie cardigan

anthropologie anticipation heels

ruche sunset’s serenity handbag


Tonight my ladies, I was finally able to check out the movie Something Borrowed. Now I have never read the book, didn’t know much about it at all in fact. And it turns out that going in with a clean slate is the best thing, because that way I can enjoy it for what it is. For those of you who have seen the movie, it’s hard isn’t it, trying to figure out which side to take. On the one hand you can totally root for the couple that is in love but can’t be together because of this barrier which coincidentally entails someone already being in a relationship. Arguments can be made that being deceitful is justified because the other person clearly isn’t right for the guy and doesn’t appear to be a good friend. She appears selfish, self-centered, just not a good fit. But does it justify cheating and lying? Oh the agony of it all. Yes, the ending provided a solution of sorts for all parties involved (I wont spoil it for those who haven’t yet seen it), but I’m always a sucker for romance, even when it seems to toss aside the notion of ‘doing the right thing’.

And who is this hunk of an actor that both ladies were after? Does he ever look bad in any of the scenes? How was it possible that the slim-fitting shirts flattered in every way possible?? And spiked hair, when do I dig spiked hair?? Oh he seemed so polished and pretty, not exactly my type, but darn it, good looking is my type (check out exhibit A-Z, also known as Dr. Love, for tangible proof). And how about John Krasinski’s character who is like the cutest BFF one could ask for. Is it too much to request that each one of us have such eye candy at our disposal for friendly hangouts and lunch dates?


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