Look what came in the mail!!

Today has been this dark and wet pathetic excuse for a day. I already didn’t want to go back to work because I enjoyed the break so much, but then woke up to lightning and heavy rain. Yuck! What kind of motivation is that for starting the day?

Luckily the work day moved at a fast pace and I even got to go home early and work from home. As I’m jumping past puddles, balancing my umbrella as I climb up the steps, I find a wet and moppy little box in front of my door, from my favorite: Anthropologie. Way to put a biggo smile on my face! And the smile got even bigger when I tore through it and uncovered the following:




The Sugared Dress! Why hello there, what a journey it was getting you here. You see, when the dress first made its debut online I was intrigued. I liked its feminine cut and full skirt. I liked how flattering it could be, but I wasn’t quite sure about the pattern. I was always on the fence about it, but then when it went on sale the other week, I thought this would be the time to try it on. I called CS and got the famous “no stores in the country carry this dress in your size”. Grrrr, that just meant I’d have to make some cold calls. Which is what I did, and for whatever reason I started with the state of Connecticut. Well CT was good to me because with the second call I got lucky and was able to land this dress in a 0. Success!!

And today it got here and I immediately jumped out of my clothes and put this dress on. It made me feel so pretty, with its cute little cap sleeves and 50s silhouette. What was wrong with me for overlooking this little sweet cupcake? I feel lucky to have found the dress and really think it’s going to be worn in the early fall and through the late months of the year. Keep it coming rain, I’m no longer bothered by you.


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