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 anthropologie freya blouse/ jcrew no.2 pencil skirt/jcrew studded belt/anthropologie anticipation heels

When I woke up this morning and thought about the outfit I would put on to start the week (skirt or dress, skirt or dress), I decided to finally wear this blouse I got a while back during one of my Anthro trips. The skirt? Also a newish, celebratory purchase once I found out someone had hired this gal. The two got along perfectly throughout the day, and little did they know what they were in for.

What did they NOT go through today, is the better question. Let’s see, 8 hours of work, mainly sitting behind the desk, then off to the free clinic for some volunteer work, followed by an impromptu dinner pick-up at Taco Bell (Dr. Love had a craving so I happily obliged), consuming a Chalupa or two while laid out on the couch fully focused on Season 3 of Breaking Bad. Oh, and a bit of laundry was done as well, so by the time it’s time to go to bed, I realize that I’m still wearing my OOTD because Had to take pictures of the outfit because it seemed worth documenting.

Yes, you might see some wrinkles along the way, but this is as real as it gets. The outfit sustained a day of living, just like any other. I know that in magazines everything looks prim and proper, creases at the right angle, shirts tucked in with JUST enough gather at the waist. I tried, I adjusted my shifting belt several times throughout the day, but the determination to keep presentable carried on. What say ye fellow bloggers? Have you found yourself keeping on the outfit until you’ve had a chance to document on film, even when pjs would be a much happier and logical solution??



I must add, the bag is the latest discovery at Ruche. It had been on my radar for months but always seemed to find it sold out (such disappointing words at important times). The other weekend however, there was only 1 left in stock, so I took my chances and came home a winner!! Love its color and functionality, not to mention the polka-dotted lining!

P.s. this outfit also sustained recap footage of Kim K’s big bash of a wedding. I tried staying away but when everyone made such a big deal of her dress, I had to play detective. Is it just me or does her new hubs look like he just graduated high school?!


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