Bright Inspirations

When it comes to talking about my blog, I don’t do it. In fact, when an old friend came across it and then posted a comment, I turned red and felt silly. The blog is definitely something that I enjoy, and am proud of the fact that I’ve kept it for a while. Here I give myself that space to explore an interest of mine while making all kinds of great intranet friends. 

You know, before I found out about blogging in general, I sort of kept this interest/fascination of mine to myself because none of my friends really got into fashion as much as I did. Sure, there were many a shopping trips I’ve shared with one of my besties, but I think for her it was more about the thrill and chase of finding a good deal (and boy did we find some) and for me it was more about creating outfits, examining patterns, designing a look. As we all got older it seemed like shopping took a backseat to other adventures like dating, taking big exams, earning terminal degrees, surviving medical school (for some)and having kids.

So when I found AnjaliKim and Roxy’s blogs, it was like a light went on and I was instantly immersed in the details of Anthropologie, colors, details, texture and really, personal styling. I’ve always been a devoted suscriber to fashion magazines but oftentimes it led to me wishing that I was some cool model that could live in NYC and wear pretty clothes, rather than be truly inspired to create my own look from my own closet.

Since my initial discovery, I’ve come to realize the sheer magnitude of personal style blogs and with that, the great number of ladies that really do get into fashion and style, putting together outfits that help show a bit of their personality. It was refreshing to find out I wasn’t this ridiculously materialistic gal all wrapped up in clothes and how to put together “cute outfits”. It was much much more than that, and it lead to creativity. 

                    anthropologie lundin links sweater
                            anthropologie goldfield skirt
                                 target merona wedges

Since the blog’s inception I’ve been much more aware of what works on my body, what styles flatter and what scream “NO NO NO”. I take more time when shopping and think long-term quality over short-term thrill. It’s been great really and even though I still wont talk about my blog publicly, I take great comfort in what it’s brought forth and continues exposing me to – beautiful, personal styles that inspire.


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