Hair Stories & A Review

The thing of it is that my hair and I don’t always seem to be on the same page. Growing up, the waves in my hair seemed to perfectly align, though the fluffy bangs I sported were hazardous to my eyesight. Then I got older and began to realize that my hair seemed sort of fluffy and unstructured. I noticed how easy all the girls with straight hair had it – theirs behaved, was easy to pull into a sleek ponytail, and even seemed to cooperate after pool parties or trips to the beach. I on the other hand, had to strategically gather my hair in a way that would appear I was making some kind of effort with the styling.

It wasn’t until college, when I finally realized and was introduced to the wonders of a straightening iron (what took so long I dunno). At last, my hair could actually look put-together, ruly, and something I felt comfortable in. No more would I play the waiting game of “how will my hair turn out after it dried” and I noticed my confidence grow. What I did not realize however, was the amount of effort,damage, and not to mention the flyaways the hair dryer and flat iron would do to my mane.

I was quite excited to be contacted by the friendly folks over at They specialize in Ceramic Hair Straighteners (lifesavers), Salon Hair Dryers, and sent me the Best Blow Dryer to review. To maintain honesty, this was my first time reviewing a product, so the whole concept was surreal and exciting. When I received a package the following day, I was overwhelmed at what I found in the box:

 A box full of nourishing goodies for my hair, not to mention the mac-daddy of a blow dryer! The HANA model is all that and more – serious power, actually reduced the amount of frizz I typically experience after a blowout, and the long chord allowed me to dance AND check out my moves head to toe in front of the mirror. The different settings were also a nice welcome for when high heat is near torture in the summertime. 

I’ve used the dryer a few times since it got here and it’s been great for getting my hair ready for the flat iron. It didn’t take too long to have my hair completely dried and I actually believe it does a better job of straightening my hair than my usual $15 Target dryer. I definitely recommend it but the only gripe I have is the hefty price tag, yet keep in mind that I’m not accustomed to paying high prices for beauty tools so others probably have more experience in this department.

The Missiko site offers a variety of products and right now they’re offering free same day shipping on every item. I’m definitely excited about exploring their hair care and looking for new arsenal on how to fight frizz and flyaways!!


3 thoughts on “Hair Stories & A Review

  1. AWW! I LOVE that I'm helping sway your decision to buy Insanity. Seriously! it makes me feel good that I can help, even a little bit, to motivate someone just by my dinky videos and such. πŸ™‚ ABSOLUTELY let me know if you wanna buy the program because I'm actually thinking of being a Beachbody coach and you can buy from me! Not sure how all that works, but would be cool!

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