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anthropologie meteor shower tank/j crew cotton cavalry skirt/h&m purse/anthropologie golden grove sandals

There are a multitude of reasons why I take great pleasure in big cities, but for convenience’s sake, I really appreciate the ability to access most things on foot. Walking is always a great (and inexpensive) way to explore new areas and get familiar with one’s environment. Initially, when Dr.Love and I set sights on where our next destination would be, big cities were definitely on the radar, so when Charlottesville became a reality it was a little bit of an adjustment. However, the mountains and access to wineries have been a real treat and what’s given the town a bit of “city” feel is living near downtown. These pictures were taken yesterday while walking to the market to get flour for some bread baking. Avoiding the Friday afternoon traffic while sitting in my car was quite welcome, and I might just start cooking more so I have an excuse to walk to nearby stores for ingredients.


10 thoughts on “Easy Access

  1. Adorable outfit! Is the handbag new? I may have to get it if it is- love that shade of green! It sounds like you are enjoying Charlottesville- how wonderful that you can walk to get what you need! 🙂

  2. I am so in love with that bag! So perfect with your bright blue tank. I love all your walking around photos of Charlotte. Making me fall more in love with the idea of moving there every day. You embody easy chic summer in these photos.

  3. Ooh! I really like the blue tank and green purse together!I love living in a community where I can walk to the grocery store and library but am still close enough to the amenities of the urban city life. When you can find a place that meets both of those qualities you've struck gold.

  4. What a great purse — the long shoulder strap makes it perfect for treks to the market. And I agree that walkability really increases a location's appeal. On the weekends, one of my favorite pasttimes is to take 4-5 mile walks…to get ice cream, of course!

  5. hey dea! i love walking, too. you look like you're flourishing in the summer weather. btw, what did you think of tiger mother?! i read it, too a few weeks ago, and actually found it part scary, part inspiring. xo, shelia

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