Lazy Monday

anthropologie through-the-clouds tank/anthropologie easy navigation wide-legs/zara sandals

The weekend was low-key and enjoyable and today’s overcast weather didn’t do a thing to boost my energy levels. It was a casual day spent walking Dr. Love to work, organizing more of our home, making cupcakes, and watching the first three episode of Love Bites on Hulu. It’s days like these where staying in is appreciated and I get wrapped up in home projects.

I bought these pants during the tag sale with the additional 25% discount and oh what a pleasant surprise they’ve been! The color is divine, the linen material extra-cozy, and it felt like a beautiful change from my typical dress/skirt attire.


8 thoughts on “Lazy Monday

  1. Dea, you always look cute and put together. Those reddish linen pants look great paired with that greyish top. So cute. I hope you are getting all settled in nicely. I love that Dr. Love can WALK to work! How awesome is that!

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