White on Track

Since we moved to our new destination I’ve been experiencing newness all around. I wrapped up (almost) school, my jobs, and friendships and am now in this place where I’m unpacking my boxes and figuring out where to go from here. I try my best to look at the glass half-full but I’d be lying if I said it came easy. Today’s weather was a welcomed change – sunny, breezy, and inviting. It gave me a chance to explore the town and think about plans for tomorrow.

                                                  dress j crew/ sandals zara

I pulled this dress out of the depths and darkness of some unmarked tupperware. It allowed for minimal styling and optimal comfort. J Crew is always good at delivering staple pieces and this dress has just the right amount of detail while preserving its classic appeal.

8 thoughts on “White on Track

  1. This new chapter in your life sounds so exciting! Keep up the positive attitude. Things will fall into place soon enough. You have taken on so many challenges and adventures already, this will be a breeze!!!

  2. So glad that you have made it here safely and are starting to settle in. I was so excited when I saw your photos today because I recognized the train tracks and that meant you were here!

  3. Hi Dea! Love this ensemble & your wavy hair! I admire your positive attitude but please also remember that this is a major life change and you're allowed to feel less than giddy all of the time. Wishing you many more sunshiney days! Ciao bella. 🙂

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