Checking in

The days throughout my journey have flown by it seems, and a week ago today I stepped foot on Italian grounds, loving life and everything around. A week from today is my last day here, so I’m somewhere between passionately reflecting on recent adventures and anticipating the newness that awaits back home.

Having the chance to move forward with the opportunity to come here and be away from home for an extended period of time was a once-in-a-lifetime moment where I had uninterrupted time with family members I had not seen in years, created precious memories with my cousin in Italy, explored motherland the second time around, marveled at the beauty of Italy while entertaining dreams of one day living there for a few years, completed my internship in a global health setting, and really thinking about the kind of life I’d like to have with the one I love. I’ve seen a great deal, I’ve written down thoughts and ideas, I’ve Skyped almost daily, always coming back to the realization that travel for me is like a breath of fresh air, every single time. Being away every once in a while from the daily routine and familiar surroundings is such a nice feeling that I wish it was available and affordable more often! I always take so many pictures when I travel not only to document the amazing architecture or newness of an environment, but to also capture the moments when I’m happiest. It produces an obvious euphoria, but traveling also provides me with a greater understanding of how big the world is and how fascinating history can be. 

Italy was simply amazing, breathtaking, elegant, majestic, and oh so Italian! In a period of four days I, along with my cousin, visited Bologna, Parma, and Florence. I wished I could have stayed for weeks! I’ll write more about it later but with every five minutes I kept thinking about how I’d love to live there for a couple of years, find opportunities where we could work there and travel by bike everywhere. Maybe it can be done, I’ve started planting seeds in Dr. Love’s garden about possibilities after residency…

Since I haven’t done any shopping in the last few weeks, the trip graciously provided me with multiple stops to Zara and H&M. I was like a kid in a candy store since I don’t have the stores back home and had missed the joy of looking at pretties. I purchased a couple of skirts (both pleated), a green bag (so fun), and a pair of linen pants that I swear I can sleep in, they’re that comfortable.

                     tee j crew,skirt zara,sandals h&m,bag anthropologie

                              top f21,skirt anthropologie,flats j crew

                                top j crew,skirt zara,sandals h&m

           top anthropologie, skirt akira, sandals h&m, bike local


3 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. I love the pictures Dea – you look so beautiful on your adventures! Italy is FOR SURE the first international destination for our family, I can't wait to take my crew there and see the sights and family. Enjoy your last week!

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