The days here have been an adventure of sorts, but today’s news topped them all: I’m headed to Italy next week and am beyond excited. It’s only for a few days as I’ll be visiting my cousin who’s supposed to study for exams, but we’re exploring Bologna, Florence, and Parma. Italy has always been on my horizon: the brick terracotta-roofs, the history, the museums, the cuisine, their taste in clothes and style, not to mention its melodic language. I’m over the moon happy and have started to create mini-itineraries for when we arrive.


11 thoughts on “OH THE EXCITEMENT

  1. Dea that's great! I've never been But, I always wanted to go. My bf is from Venice and Hopefully we will go soon. I hope you post tons of pics so that I can visit through you πŸ™‚ Have fun!!!

  2. how exciting, you'll LOVE it there!!! You must climb to the top of the duomo in Florence, the view is breathtaking. Of course there's also the statue of David, not to be missed (prob my fave thing I saw in Italy). And my #1 rule was to have gelato at least three times a day! πŸ™‚

  3. I'm excited FOR you! What an amazing surprise. I love and am appreciative you are posting "on the road". Thank you for keeping us updated with words and pictures!

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