The trip to Kentucky

It feels like I’ve been continuously traveling for the last couple of weeks and in two days, I’m about to take things cross-continental. While last Wednesday we only got as far as Asheville, the following day we were on our way to a small town in Kentucky where family awaited. The drive was scenic and peaceful, with hills and mountains on either side. For a moment there I wished I was a geologist, admiring sedimentary rocks!

Although at first the idea was to get to our destination sooner than later, the journey definitely turned into a road trip and we made several stops. One of the most memorable was to Cracker Barrel where we induldged in a hearty meal – could not stay away from those biscuits!

After a stuffed tummy I snuck into the store portion of the restaurant and checked out some goodies like quilts and a big,red watch I may or may not have taken along for the ride.

That’s all for now but will be back soon to share my last day in KY, finally reveal the Apothica giveaway winner, reflect on the ‘Tiger Mom’ concept, go back in time for the Chicago trip (the pics are finally here), post on what I’ve packed for my month abroad – and aside from that, I leave in less than 48 hours!

5 thoughts on “The trip to Kentucky

  1. Oh the Cracker Barrel. You are so right about their bisquits. Now I have to see if we have one nearby so I can go into a carb coma very soon. :)Glad your trip was a good one. That lush greenery on the drive looks so peaceful.

  2. Safe Travels, Dea!I love your new header and background. It is so reflective of where you are right now with the blog! The drive though the mountains looks wonderful. I remember making the trip down to ATL from WI last year around this time and everything was so green and pretty, just like your pics!

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