Short & Sweet

Today’s weather warranted shorts, SHORTS!! I didn’t think I was ready for it since just the other day I was still layered in tights, cardigans and jackets. There’s something safe about hiding under layers, and it’s less of a big deal (for me) when I have that second piece of cake. The weatherman predicted a 90-degree kind of day and he wasn’t kidding and I couldn’t avoid the inevitable. With all the unpacking with the seasons changing and the packing for the upcoming trip I managed to find my summer favorites: J Crew’s chino shorts. I’ve bought them in several colors because the quality is great and the burst of colors cheer me up. Today I decided to pair them with a lace top I’ve had for a while. It felt like such an easy outfit to put together and reminded me how different it is when dressing for this time of year. Just throw something on to stay cool and hope that it looks half-stylish as well.

                        F21 lace top

                     J Crew chino shorts
                        UO necklace

                        Zara sandals


11 thoughts on “Short & Sweet

  1. Yay, for shorts weather! I'm loving the statement necklace and the lovely lace… the strappy sandals are fabulous too. I'm loving how you've styled these shorts, beautiful! Hope your having a lovely Monday. xx veronika

  2. this is perfect- the lace really gives the shorts more consequence and glam, and the bright colour is amazing.(totally asleep at the wheel- I thought I saw all of your sale updates but absolutely missed the one for the feathery tank that I desired. ouch!!)

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