OOTD: Emerald Cut

After writing last night’s post and reading your comments I continued thinking about the efforts I can make towards improving my own interactions with other women. Today I smiled at girls on campus and looked them straight in the eye to show genuineness. It ended up being more challenging than I would have expected, especially because once I make an effort to be nice and am met with unresponsiveness, I get distracted and retrieve into my shell. Today however, I was on a mission to be more aware and lead by example. I’d like to wish that it was somewhat successful, if only to be more mindful of my actions and thoughts on less comparing and more celebration.

I wore this outfit on Tuesday and in the morning the weather was a complete disaster. Strong winds with heavy rain seriously tempted me to get back inside and put on jeans, but I hadn’t worn this dress once all year so my determination superseded conventionality. Two hours later the sun was out and the ground began to thaw, just in time. I love this dress to bits, but its greatest appeal is the $10 price tag that came with it. Seems like it was meant to be, unlike this skirt I was *dying* to have but was just outbid minutes ago. The search continues….

               anthropologie emerald cut dress
               j crew ethereal ruffle cardigan
            anthropologie a timely affair necklace
                    anthropologie tights
                     target wedge pumps


11 thoughts on “OOTD: Emerald Cut

  1. I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post,but it really resonated with me. I periodically make efforts to be more open,put myself out there and be unabashedly nice to people, especially in terms of body language,eye contact etc, but when they don't respond in kind, it embarrasses me and I abandon my plan. I wish I could be more consistent in reaching out to people, irrespective of their reaction, and make a habit of it. Maybe this post will inspire me to make another attempt. Thanks Dea 🙂

  2. Hi DeaI read your post yesterday and thought it was enlightening what you wrote. Constantly comparing oneself to other people can not be healthy for anyone. And gosh, the colour of your dress is absolutely stunning. Incredible score for $10.

  3. Hi Dea – Your posts are always very enlightened and thought provoking. Not to mention the bonus of your adorable outfits. Love the tights with this dress. It is nice to try to put yourself out there to get out of your comfort zone. I actually have the opposite problem – I need to be less outgoing. I think it sometimes takes people by surprise or they are offended if I "butt" into conversations of co-workers. I think there must be a happy medium into which I can fit. Cheers!

  4. It's so frustrating when you extend yourself and then are met with nothing. But then I remind myself that that's on them. It's not a reflection of me. That dress was meant to bring sunshine to your life. From the price tag to change in weather. I love it!

  5. I loved your post from yesterday. Women are such complex characters and should be celebrated for their uniqueness, rather than glamourized by their catfights, cattiness and shallow nature. I'm a shyish person and try to smile at people and make eye contact, but often people (esp women), give off the air that they are too busy for those small niceties or just too into themselves. It makes such a difference when a person makes eye contact and smiles at you. It can truly brighten a moment. That being said, I admit that I will probably be sucked into watching the RHNY at some point! Such a contradiction and something I, too, need to work on!P.S. LOVE this outfit. The dress is beautiful on you and the tights are perfect with it!

  6. that dress with the little open cardigan and those patterned tights and that adorable tassel necklace, it's all so perfect, you look great, lady!

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