Mompos Dress is Here!!

When the dress popped up online I was simply smitten. Love at first sight. The frosting to my cinnamon rolls. The feta cheese in my spanakopita…you get the point. I couldn’t gamble this being an online-only purchase so I took full advantage of the free shipping promo and ordered promptly.

Tracy Reese has without a doubt become one of my favorite designers when it comes to dresses and this one is simply amazing. I’ll try my best to provide a detailed review but am not the best, so bare with me. I ordered my usual size 0 and the fit is perfect, no-room-for-anything-else fitting. The material is soft and cotton all the way – this excites me to no end! It feels very fitted around the bodice, and the arm loops don’t leave room for any bra peek-a-boos. I’m curious about how a size 2 would fit, just to see what kind of a difference it might provide. The color is a beautiful grayish-blue, gives me an antique/vintage feel. There is a nude-colored lining that’s attached to the dress (similar to how the slip in the Crocheted Clouds Dress was hooked) but this slip is thinner and perfect for the sticky summers when you want a bit of extra breathing room. The belt that comes along with it is detachable and has four snaps on the back. It’s got a cute crocheted detail and works well to break up the top and skirt. The crinoline underneath the skirt is the perfect touch and creates just the right amount of movement. In terms of fit, I venture to say that it’s pretty similar to the Spinning Lace dress, so if you were able to try that on it will be a good indication of how this dress will fit. I actually have the Spinning Lace in a 2 (mainly because I wasn’t able to locate a 0) and it’s pretty fitted for me although I feel a bit of space.

Here’s a ton of pictures for your viewing pleasure:

There you have it, I tried to capture different lights both outdoors and indoors so you can see the contrast of the shade. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email!


28 thoughts on “Mompos Dress is Here!!

  1. So pretty on you dea, and I think you did a fab job reviewing it. I have one question – it looks like in some of the photos that the dress has those sewn in cups at the bust? Is it just the flash or can you see that on the dress? That may be a deal breaker for me. It's gorgeous on you!

  2. Oh my goodness I love that dress. I was hoping the bad review online would discourage me from purchasing that dress. It doesn't now! You look amazing in it, like it was tailored to fit you!

  3. Good eye Kim and that was the reason for providing the close-up. Those infamous cups are there but they're not really noticeable unless you got right up-close. If it helps, you can enlarge any one of the full shots to see how much the cups stand out. I didn't notice them at all.Minn. Maven- thanks so much! Thankfully a few more reviews have been posted online so as to provide a more versatile perspective on the fit of the dress. It's definitely a tempting piece, that's for sure!

  4. Hi Dea – This dress is awesome on you and you did a great job with the review. Which shoes will you style with it? I know there are so many options. You don't have to respond… I will wait for the sweet surprise! Cheers!

  5. Very cute on you!But just as Kim's concerned, I, too, don't like the visible (even though not as horrible as the PictureShow dress) cup lining for me is a dela breaker.. sad faces dress for me.. sad!

  6. Thanks everyone, so glad this could help the community!Lisa, I'm 5'7 and can definitely see your concern about the length. The crinoline gives the skirt poof so it can seem more playful on a taller frame.

  7. Sherry Jarwin – good question! You stumped me a bit, I'll need to think about that one…perhaps a red/orange Seychelles pump I own??

  8. It's beautiful! It looks fabulous on you:) Thanks so much for the info. I was worried that it would be too short on me. I'm a couple of inches taller than you, but I think it will work for me. Great review!

  9. Oh wow! This dress looks splendid on you. Great review. It sounds like erring on the side of caution and going up a size won't be problem. I just love the bow belt!!

  10. Dea, this looks so delightful on you! Like it was made specifically for you. Mine came today, and I think I'm a little under-whelmed. Oh how I love the blue eyelet…however my torso length did not agree with the bodice length of the dress. Also, felt it was too short on me, and too poofy to wear a slip underneath. SO SAD. You did a fabulous review!

  11. Oh My Dea, You look stunning in your Mompos. You do wear this style well. I adore the Bow Belt worn to the side. And the color will be so fun to style. I ordered Miss Albright's Lemon Stck Wedges. This dress will look stunnIng for Spring

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