OOTD: Easy Keeper

                        ae button-down
               anthropologie easy keeper skirt
                     target tights & boots

Document outfits, this is what we do here at Dea Diaries. Some days are better than others, but the show must go on. Take today for example – the morning started with pouring rain that showed no signs of letting up, which made me yearn for a big sweatshirt and jeans. Instead, I went for a skirt I bought a while back but never wore, and paired it with an oxford shirt because creativity was running low. There’s something to it but not my favorite form of delivery. There’s always tomorrow….and this amazing dress:

                     Anthro Mompos Dress


10 thoughts on “OOTD: Easy Keeper

  1. cute, cute, cute! The button down works so well with that skirt. I don't think I would have thought of that!BTW, I've been slacking. I'm emailing you the receipe today.sorry!

  2. If i owned the easy keeper skirt, I'd have the faintest idea how to wear it. It looks simply amazing with a chambray shirt. I too am completely in love with the Mompos! I can't wait for reviews

  3. I love how you wore your skirt. The only change I would have made was to make it even more relaxed by rolling your sleeves up to your elbows. I might even add a jazzy statement necklace.That Tracy Reese dress has my head spinning and I can't wait to try it on.

  4. I love the outfit. You've given me inspiration to wear mine with my new chambray button down from jcrew. Sometimes it's the simplest outfits that speak loudest. And yes, that dress is freakin' amazing. Can't wait to see some IRL pics of it in the blogosphere!

  5. I absolutely LOVE your outfit. I have been on the hunt for the grey version of this skirt, but seeing you in the orange and how you styled it is making me think maybe I'll just grab the seemingly more available orange.Hope the rain stops by you soon. We are due for 3 days of it and I'm already depressed!

  6. Love the simplicity of this outfit. I have the black version of this skirt and love it. I was too "color shy" to get the orange motif. Great styling!

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