What else? Green

St. Patrick’s Day has always been a fun holiday for me because everyone is always ready for a good time, ready to celebrate! It’s a bit silly trying to find something green to wear, but it’s pleasant energy playing along with everyone else and recognizing a simple day for pleasantries and a bit of Irish history. I’m always up for some cultural stimulation!!

These are some things that have brought a smile upon my face:

– a sunny and warm upcoming weekend
– a new dress I plan on wearing tomorrow
– officially starting the job search in VA
– training for a half-marathon with my running/shopping buddy Erin
– an upcoming trip to Chicago, visiting one of my oldest friends
– recognizing symptoms of graduation fever
– planning to see the movie “Limitless” because Brad Cooper’s blue eyes seem to have captivated my attention
– the return of Farmer’s Market
– reading for pleasure 
– scoring a great deal on Groupon for sushi

               anthropologie lundin links sweater
                uo pins and needles pleated skirt
                         f21 floral tights
               anthropologie dusky begonia t-straps


13 thoughts on “What else? Green

  1. It certainly sounds like you have some great things on the horizon! I love your shoes! They look great with the outfit. Blue and green always look so fresh!

  2. ohh…what's this new dress Dea? I can't wait to see.I love Groupon (and the like) deals too! I've bought $25 facials, 3 course dinners at half price and much more! It's THE way to shop for lifestyle purposes atm. I adore those shoes…they're gorgeous.

  3. Love that skirt on you, and the shoes are great! What an exciting list – can't wait to see the new dress and I am so ready for our Farmer's market to open back up! Yay for spring:)

  4. Those things you listed put a smile on my face too. I am proud of you and Erin for doing another half marathon. You girls are so strong and awesome!

  5. So happy to see your smile list. that's great news! Your outfit is lovely today. The pleated skirts I'm seeing are so feminine and you look great in it. I like the color pairing here.

  6. I'm a newcomer as I browse some fashion blogs today. First – love your outfits and especially the pleated skirt on this post! Secondly – I know the frustration of waiting for match day! (I was an intern 6 years ago…) Lastly, if by chance you are moving to C'ville there is a great running community here!

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