A well-timed giveaway

Writing the post yesterday was a great outlet for releasing what’s been weighing on my mind, but reading your responses and perspectives on how to handle change have been even more valuable. I must have read them at least twice, thinking about each one and it definitely helped my moods and vision on how to foresee with new energy. The upcoming changes are definitely going to be a wonderful opportunity for growth, and one of the ways I’m planning ahead is by focusing on decorating the new pad!! Oh yes, this is going to be fun because it will be the first time Dr. Love and I will actually leave behind the college-days furniture and upgrade to some more….contemporary and modern pieces 🙂

I started browsing at b&m spots, then online, only to be amazed at the endless opportunities that can become a part of my coop. Just the other day I got in touch with a CSN representative who offered a $45 gift card giveaway to one of my readers. Perfect timing! I quickly learned that CSN provides over 200 unique sites where you can find anything you can think of, from home decor to beauty products. Oh my, how about a couple of adjustable bar stools for the newly remodeled kitchen? Or perhaps this fun take on an office desk for the second bedroom.  

Here’s what you can do for a chance to win:

1. leave a comment with your contact information
2. receive an extra entry if you’re a follower, just let me know that you are one!

And that’s it! This contest is open to US and Canadian readers only and the giveaway ends on March 24 at midnight. Good luck!


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