Rain Rain Go Away…??

Today was just a wet and messy day. What difference did it make whether I took a shower, did my hair, or took any time to pick out something to wear? It took all of my might not to stay in and curl up with Netflix while ordering an assortment of food. Instead I had to be a professional and get to work! Even though I detest the rain when I have to navigate outdoors, I really do enjoy the sound it makes on the windows while I’m wrapped in a blanket. 
My ootd is not even worth documenting, so instead I share something worn a couple of weeks ago when I could socialize outdoors sans tights.

                     j crew jackie cardigan
                   anthropologie vappu dress
             anthropologie ruffled blossoms belt 

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6 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away…??

  1. mmm…I love the serendipity that sometimes steps in to make life splendid- I keep coming across folks in the beautiful 'Breeze' cardigan this week, and thank goodness I bought one through the JCA board last week, otherwise I'd be simply miserable! So many options…I hear you on the rain- we had a ton of snow the other day, and now it has rain, rain, rained all day- the steet corners are awash in massive pools of slushy cold water…ugh!

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