Kingston Road Dress = Summer Sherbet Heaven

Well, I thought I had my wishlist set and had found the dresses I had to have, but then today I spot the lovely Kingston Road Dress in the store and adored it! Even though I was in a hurry, there was no way I could leave without trying it on. Here are all the pics:

Here’s the lowdown: I tried on my typical size 0 and the fit was great. No extra room anywhere in the waist/hip area but also not tight (so there’s room for an extra piece of pie/cake/cookie). The color is beautiful as sherbet hues are just my thing for the summer. The material is very soft, there’s lining, and it just feels really comfortable, especially when I think about the long summer days. There’s a zipper on the side and a tie on the back (but you already knew that). My only ONLY hesitation is the front because well, I’m not packing up top so there’s a bit of a gap there, but I think it can be easily fixed with a little bit of sewing. The one review online mentioned the same thing and she seemed to be packing more than yours truly, so perhaps it’s just the cut of the dress. And to be fair, the other hesitation is the hefty price tag. In general I don’t think any dress should have the number 2 in a 3-digit amount, so unless I can manage to stop shopping for 2 months, I can’t logically buy this dress at full-price now. Oh but I so want it, but am currently too pale for it. Perhaps it’s meant to be no? By the time it goes to sale I would have gotten a little color to complement the dress. 

What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Kingston Road Dress = Summer Sherbet Heaven

  1. I think the dress is adorable – in my opinion the colors make it perfection for Easter! I wouldn't pay over $200 for it though – sigh, I hate such a steep price tag!

  2. I love this dress and have been dying to see it on someone! The colors remind me of saltwater taffy ;)It looks gorgeous on you, and I hope my store has it today when I go.I could get it for under $200 w/my bday discount…how's that for justifying it?!!

  3. I love the dress, but I definitely think you can get a better deal by waiting for sale. And then it'll look even better when you have your tan. Should be about the right weather/season to be wearing it, too! I try not to buy three-digit dresses, period, but I am terribly cheap and terribly poor, haha.

  4. You are TOTALLY rocking it, but I was also shocked at the $228 price. Wait for the sale!You ARE totally rocking it though. You look gorgeous in it.

  5. Love this dress Dea – the fit is incredible and the colours would be perfect for summer. The price is a bit of a drawback though. Let's hope it'll be around until sale time.

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