Shopbop Giveaway Time!!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Shopbop representative seeking my interest in holding a giveaway on the blog – of course I said yes! Providing you all the chance to win a $100 Shopbop gift card makes me excited and one of you will win a free shopping spree to a fun online site that offers a multitude of brands. Just to keep the honestly line nice and straight, I’ve never shopped at Shopbop, but once I received the email I got to scoping things out and here are a few pieces that stuck out, just to give you an idea of what they have in store (like Rag & Bone Clothing for example):

           Rough Crystal Ring – a bold statement piece

       Silver Blaze Dress on sale at Shopbop– for fancy time!

                    Phillip Lim Tops

To enter, here’s the lowdown:
1. leave your email so I can find you (just for winning purposes I promise!)
2. tell me what’s the best part about shopping.

That’s it! 

You receive an extra entry if you’re a follower. Just provide an extra post letting me know that you do so. Contest will be open until March 11 when the big clock strikes 1-2. International participants can play but due to some type of restriction Pennsylvania bloggers are not able to partake.

Best of luck!!


120 thoughts on “Shopbop Giveaway Time!!

  1. enter me!:]vivalabree@gmail.combest part is trying on different clothes and feeling like a princess<3xoxo, Bree

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! For me, the best part of shopping is the moment when I realize something I've had my eye on for ages actually lives up to my expectations! And then I get to add something I truly love to my closet.poolestephaniem at gmail

  3. All right, Shopbop is awesome!The best part about shopping is having fun with your friends, whether they go with you or whether you just telling them about what you got and modeling it for them!fashionkitten03 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. Hi Dea! The best part of shopping for me is finding the one standout piece amongst the huge pile of clothing that I've brought into the dressing room. lorainedana(at)cox(dot)net

  5. I love shopbop! My favorite thing about shopping is realizing how much I gravitate toward stuff similar to what I already own. It reminds me that I probably should shop less. haha But at least my taste is consistent! I am a follower. Thank you for the giveaway, Dea!jesspgh at gmail dot com

  6. Ohh the best part of shopping for me is the tactile part of it, I love feeling everything and all the different fabrics, and textures etc. Total touchy-feely shopping person here!whatjesslikes(at)live(dot)ca

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