While in Charlottesville I dutifully made my way to the Anthropologie store, the place that will inherit me in a few short months. As I wondered about I realized there weren’t many items I was gravitating towards. I tried on five things and there was only one ‘maybe’ from the bunch. I’m not sure what it is, I think the flowy tops are definitely outside of my comfort/preference so that eliminates about 75% of the tops currently available. Some of the new spring/summer skirts feel flimsy and hand-sown and while I’m not against handmade beauty, I do find it puzzling when they come attached with a hefty price tag. I’m laying low though because recently I’ve been able to score some popbacks that have made me oh so happy. Besides, all is not lost because there is still an active wishlist going on and the following definitely have me excited for the change in weather.

                                                                                Tuileries Dress
I believe this dress has been in my dreams and I’m so close to just ordering the dress online to enjoy the free delivery. The print is so unique, it’s looked lovely on every blogger who’s tried it on, and I think it’s one of those special, one-of-a-kind-where-did-you-get-that-dress pieces that Anthro is known for delivering. 

                                                                                 Pom Flower Shift
This was a dress that while from afar seemed cheerful and bold, I didn’t think it was my style, however, I was able to try it on (the maybe piece) and I kind of liked it. Its more conservative silhouette gave me hopes of keeping the Anthro flair in future places of employment. You see, I’m thinking that after graduation this little bird has to find steady employment at a preferrably easy-going environment that wont make me trade my flowy for the stuffy.

I tried the Sun Shades Dress all the way back in early January and at the time couldn’t imagine life with it, but now that it’s getting warmer I can’t seem to imagine the upcoming summer without it. Geez, this free shipping is something else and providing consideration for all sorts of possibilities! Seriously though, the colors are divine and gives me those same fuzzy feelings that the Homegrown Dress produced.

                                                                                        Tippi Dress
Here is another dress I haven’t tried on but am swooning over. The mint color, the bird motif, the little buttons streamlining down the front and the chemise-like ruffled straps are just so feminine I can’t stand it. The only thing that stands between us is that silly little price tag. I think the numbers were misprinted.

                       Take Action Dress
Pitter-patter, this is how I describe my adoration for this dress. The polka-doted teal beauty is so much fun and the silk material is just perfect on. I’m at a loss for words except to say that this has been on my wishlist from day one and still can’t believe I’ve held out this long.

Has anyone else recognized the beauty in the Lundin Links Sweater? This top has been on my radar for some time and the fit is TTS, as I’m wearing an XS here. The kelly green is classic to me, and the back zipper is a sweet little detail. Again, a good number to have in rotation for office-wear.  

                     Desert Crossing Scarf
“When do we live?” This is what comes to mind with this scarf, because truly, how can I just stay local when I have camels wrapped around my neck. Well, not yet mind you, but one day. The desert rose color is my favorite of the three, and after mounting a camel that one time in Morocco, I must be partial. That, and I have no ties to elephants and giraffes, bummer.

Although the list is rather short I kind of like it this way. It’s been a work in progress trying to pick only items that I absolutely must have, that way I’m not filling up my closet and being clever about my selections. What’s on your wishlist and is anyone else tempted by the free shipping??


8 thoughts on “Wishlisted

  1. Dea, you know how I PINE for that Tippi. The price is such a kill-joy. I also pine for the Pom Flower Shift and if the stock dwindles any lower I may have to pull the trigger on that one. How are the Charlottesville Anthropologies? Charlottesville is on our radar to call home in about 3 years.

  2. i can't say enough about the pom shift. i find it very versatile, though i know the color scheme is not for everyone. molly, there is only one anthro in and around cville (i guess dc would be the next closest?). it's relatively new, a year or two old and located at a busy intersection of a shopping plaza. it's your standard, spacious 1 floor newer model anthro. i would have preferred that it moved to a multi-level building on the downtown mall with some character (UO set up shop there instead, i wish it were the other was around!).

  3. Like you, I love the Tippi dress and hate the price! I'm trying not to add anything to my wishlist right now because I don't have much of a March budget, but I'm lusting over that dress plus the cherry drops corset and the Sunday shopping skirt!

  4. Like you, I love the Tippi dress and hate the price! I'm trying not to add anything to my wishlist right now because I don't have much of a March budget, but I'm lusting over that dress plus the cherry drops corset and the Sunday shopping skirt!

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